Vase with Flowers


An original painting by Evi Antonio. Dimensions of framed painting are 46 x 46cm.  Framed in a black wooden frame. This is number 1 from an edition of 10.

Evi sources and collects her own specimens to work from. The first stage of the process is to create the digital artwork. She uses a digital drawing tablet which allows a natural and intuitive painting process. Each artwork can take weeks before it is ready to be printed out onto high quality canvas in the artist’s own studio. Perfecting the print stage alone, is a lengthy and meticulous process to ensure the colours, contrast and quality are just right to work with the next stage.

It is at this point that she returns to her traditional training and picks up a brush. The application of brush strokes, layers of oil glazes and varnishes, sharpen the characteristics and awaken the colours of each specimen further. This stage can take up to a further three days per artwork resulting in the rich quality and original finish to Evi’s work.

This new form of combining digitally created artwork with traditional oil painting techniques allows the final edition to have unique qualities. They are not simply prints but individual artworks presented as a limited edition.

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