Brian Ryder ROI FIEA

Brian spent the greater majority of his working life in architect’s offices in London and the home counties before moving to East Anglia in 1987. In 1994 Brian, who had already taught painting and exhibited his work both in the UK and abroad, made the decision to paint full time.

Brian carried on with his tuition until 2011 and, following his election to the Royal Institute of Oil painters, he now concentrates on his own painting. He has written four art books, released six art tuition DVD’s and is included in the most recent version of Who’s Who in Art.

In 2012 Brian set up the Institute of East Anglian Artists and has formerly been the President. He says “Although I enjoy painting the more traditional landscapes from life, I am not really interested in pure representation. I work mostly in my studio continually searching for that “one painting” which depicts my own recollection of the feel of the subject I saw at the time. The painting that evolves is a response to this feeling. The more I paint, the more I discover about what painting is all about.”

In 2010 Brian had a collection of over 100 of his works published in a Halsgrove book entitled, “Painting Atmospheric Landscapes, Norfolk and Beyond” which detailed his life to date and written by Adrian Hill.

The two saw further collaboration during 2011 in the forming of the Institute of East Anglian Artists (IEA) staging the inaugural exhibition in October 2012. They have since had exhibitions annually, each being held at The Gallery in Holt.

Brian has worked with three generations of the Hill family