Marina Elphick


Marina was born in 1962 and was using her dad's Magic Markers by the age of three. It has always been Marina's intention to work as an artist, it is what she has been doing for the past 25 years

Shape, form and colour are the primary concerns of her latest abstract, sculpted paintings. The challenge for her is to express an energy within the designs of the paintings, using colour and tone to create calm tension and give the work a dynamic presence. This is true in a similar way to her shaped floral paintings, though the effect in some of them is more subtle. These paintings are a new way forward for her and she is finding the process exciting and liberating. In the past she has worked on more conventional, figurative subject matter in the square. Compositionally it is a real freedom for her not to feel restricted by the rectangle, its corners and striaght lines, but to allow the painting to burst out and create its own curved or angular edges, spilling in whichever way to enhance and add vigour to the overall artwork.

Marina studied Foundation at Medway Art School and achieved a BA honours in Art at Goldsmiths College London 1981 - 1984.

Marina has exhibited widely and was awarded the Temonos Academy Thetis Blacker Batik Award in 2013.