Mark Richard Hall


Mark Richard Hall was born in 1970 and lives in Dorset with his wife and son. Mark has been a dedicated professional Artist and Sculptor for the last 20 years. 

His fascination with sculpture began early when taken to the bright lights of London as a small child and exposed to the work of Rodin.

‘Narrative offered with sculpture makes me nervous. I am not one to offer it with gay abandon nor do I encourage others to seek it. Trust those senses you were born with, preferably without the splints of narrative. These “splints” may cloud or numb these senses or may even, at worst, perpetuate a lie.  Sculpture might very well offer the chance to undress us, which may prove a public nakedness.’

'That really was a seminal moment for me, I was completely hooked by the powerful physical presence of sculpture and the fact you could touch something so tangible.'

Interested in all aspects of the creative process along with a flair for design, Mark initially started along the path to becoming an architect. The call to sculpture however became too strong and in 1992 he embarked on a career as a freelance sculptor and designer.

His work is collected worldwide by notable and loyal clients that have been acquiring his work for 20 years and his installation work is referred to on university lecture circuits as seamless cutting edge contemporary design.