Debbie Baxter


Debbie Baxter studied at St Albans School of Art and grew up surrounded by nature and nourished by her mother, the well known and respected wild life artist, Daphne Baxter's love of painting. She also studied under Daniel Samuels an international artist who painted exceptional greek mythological pieces and more recently the artist Christiane Kubrick, widow of film director, Stanley. 

As a consequence of being the daughter of an artist Debbie has always painted,  taking inspiration from the natural world around her. 

It was her fascination with nature and the early influences on her creativity that have encouraged and steered her towards the very individual perspectives of nature that are manifested in her highly stylised work.

"I continue to have a special interest in trees ,constantly fascinated by their majesty of shape and design. I lived for 8 years in Indonesia  where colour  is striking  and vivid  and it taught me never to be afraid of the wide variety of hues nature has to offer."