Tiziana Bendall-Brunello

Tiziana is originally from Turin in Italy. She now lives in both France and England sharing 
her time between the two.

She studied Fine Art and Ceramics at Camberwell College in London followed by a short 
course in Architectural Glass at Wolverhampton University.

Since then she has been working professionally using a wide variety of media to express 
her interests and ideas. These include sculptures and vessels in porcelain, fused glass 
bowls and panels, and more recently photography.

Her work has been exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries and museums in 
England, Europe and America including : the Hayward gallery, Sotheby’s, the Concourse Gallery, Barbican in London; the Museum of Contemporary Art,Turin, Italy and the Kuntsmuseum, Germany; and SOFA, Chicago,USA as well as exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fairs iPn London, Milan, Amsterdam and New York.

Her glass bowls come in four series, Mediterranean, Summer, Spring & Autumn.  

The Mediterranean series have fine strands of copper and leaves of silver foil fused within the glass and a special powder that slowly releases a gas during firing that in turn creates the tactile bubbles.
The Summer series utilises a combination of different metal foils including gold, brass and silver with copper strands.
The Spring series, in addition to the metal foils I use in the process of creating other bowls, there are enamel flower transfers on the surface to add a further impression of layer and depth.
The Autumn series the colours are created by the inter reaction of the metal foils  with enamel lustres, to create the warm colours visible.